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Is your order being shipped to another state rather than Texas?
You are in the right place! Here is all that you need to know regarding the processing & shipping times, extra fees, and what to do in case of a damage!

1. How long will it take to receive my order?

Once the order is shipped out, you will receive the tracking information via email. The transit times might vary from state to state, but in average transit times are 5-8 business days.

2. How will my order be shipped?
Your order will be shipped out in pallet/s and will be dropped off curbside (at the end of the driveway - it will not be dropped off in front of your door). See example below.
Curbside Delivery of a Pallet
3. Can I reschedule my delivery date with the carrier?
Yes you can. However, there is a $75 re-delivery charge that you will be asked to pay prior to the change.
4. Can I change my address?
Yes you can, but there is $75 fee for the address change, that should be paid prior to address change confirmation.
5. How will I schedule my delivery?
The freight carrier will be giving you a call to schedule a delivery date with you. We highly recommend that you stay at home during the day to wait for the delivery, since there will be a $65 driver detention fee, if the driver stays at your location for more than 25 minutes.

6. What to do if I have received a damaged item? 

If you have received a damaged item, please fill out the damage claim form HERE . 

7. What is the process if I have received a damaged item? 

 We are dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction with your purchase. Please know that we must open a claim with the manufacturer 






Overview of additional fees: 

Re-delivery fee $75

Address change fee $75

Driver Detention fee $65