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Accent Benches

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Accent Benches: Versatile Style & Function for Every Room Accent chairs are great, but have you ever thought about using accent benches? These stylish and functional pieces of furniture can add personality to any space. They provide additional seating where it's needed most, and can be moved around easily so they fit in with your ever-changing décor!

What Are Accent Benches and Why Do They Matter? In a nutshell, an accent bench is like a smaller and more decorative version of the traditional bench. They are great for filling empty corners, creating cozy nooks or placing in an entryway for people to sit on while they take off their shoes. The foot of the bed would be another perfect place! Since they’re so versatile & petite it means that they can really work well anywhere in your home.

Features You Will Love Storage: Most benches labeled as ‘storage benches’ or ‘ottoman benches’ have compartments beneath the seat that hide away things like blankets or shoes. If you’re short on space, this could be exactly what you need! Upholstery: Nothing beats the cushiony comfort of an upholstered bench. It’s basically like having another sofa. Backrests: A bench with a backrest is more supportive than one without; it’s also much more comfortable! If you’ve got people coming over who are going to be sitting in it for a while then make sure they’re happy too ('accent bench with back').

Materials and Colors: Your Decorating Playground Wood: Wooden accent benches are usually quite warm looking which means they can easily be at home in a rustic or refined setting ('wooden bench'). Metal: Metal looks very cool and industrial; it’s perfect if your room has that kind of vibe about it actually! Fabric: Upholstery comes in any color under the sun so why not go wild? You might have always wanted a bright orange lounger but never had anywhere to put it… until now!

Style For Every Space From classical to contemporary, there’s an accent bench that fits your fancy: Entryway bench: A warm place to take off your shoes. Bed bench: Perfect for setting out clothes or adding decorative pillows. Dining bench: Provides flexible seating for gatherings. Living room bench: May serve as a coffee table substitute or extra seat. Window bench: Makes a snug reading corner. Outdoor bench: Dresses up your patio or porch.

Accent Benches Make Life Easier Extra Seating: Always have a spot for guests Organizational Aid: Hide things away neatly Multi-functional: It can be a seat, a table–even a footrest

Shopping Tips Size: Measure your space carefully. Functionality: What do you need it for (seating, storage, style)? Style: Match your existing décor or add a pop of contrast

Where To Buy – Why Luna Furniture At Luna Furniture we have carefully chosen a range of accent benches that will enhance any home. Our benches offer: High-quality materials: so they will stay beautiful for years Unique Styles: from ‘pottery barn’ inspired to sleek modern Great Value: stunning design that’s affordable

Take a look at our selection today and find the perfect accent bench to transform your space! ```